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Individual Therapy

 My style is to be curious about you, collaborate with you, and have compassion around your pain and struggle.Portland, OR Psychotherapist

I specialize in  working with those who present with ongoing mood problems, whether it be depression, sadness, guilt, anger, low self esteem, or griefAnxiety and worry can also be part of the picture. I also specialize in working with relationship problems of all types. Often difficulties in relationships and mood problems are intertwined.

My approach is  psychodynamic/ psychoanalytic. From this perspective, I treat you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms and problems to be fixed.  I want you to have an experience in therapy that has depth and reaches the hidden roots of your struggle. Often events and relationships in the earlier parts of our lives have affected us, sometimes in way that are outside of our awareness. Our work together is to make meaning out  of your thoughts, feelings, memories, present events, whatever you are experiencing. Our relationship is central to the therapeutic process,  as an instrument for understanding as well as a new relational experience. 

The benefits of therapy can be substantial.  Change from psychoanalytic therapy tends to be lasting.  Some find relief soon after beginning, just from having place to talk and someone listen.  The longer term benefits can include: relief from self defeating patterns and behaviors, improved mood, greater emotional resilience and stonger relationships. In short more fulfillment and richness from life.