How Does Just Talking Help


It isn’t “just talking” that helps. It is talking with someone who has an interest in what you have to say. Someone who is willing to engage in a special type of conversation with you, involving  careful listening, reflection, and attention to your inner experience. This conversation is to help you better know your own mind, feel more comfortable with your own thoughts and feelings,  and perhaps speak from a stronger voice.  People come to therapy for many reasons. Sometimes the reasons are not fully known or thought out. Usually there is a sense that something feels wrong, is not improving and some help is needed. Talking with a psychodynamically or psychoanalytically trained therapist can help you have more clarity around what may feel crazy or irrational, or unbearably painful. This type of conversation takes place in the context of a therapeutic relationship which is part of the healing and growth process.  Thus, "just talking” is more than "just talking.”