Common Questions about Therapy

What kinds of people seek therapy?

Individuals and couples from all walks of life seek therapy, people in a variety of professions and lifstyles, for a variety of reasons. Often people come to deal with long-standing issues, such as problems with anxiety, depression or a trauma. Others come in response to unexpected changes in one's life, such as a divorce or other serious loss. Others seek therapy to improve relationships or pursue personal growth.

Do I really need therapy? I can usually handle my problems.

Often we think we should handle problems on our own. While this sometimes works for us, you may be finding this is no longer the case. Therapy can be a an opportunity to experience and understand oneself in a way that cannot be done alone.

How can therapy help me?

The therapeutic relationship can be a new and different type of experience, allowing you to speak about things freely. This can result in new understanding, helping you to experience yourself differently. You may begin to see options previously unavailable to you and develop new more satisfying ways of living.

What is therapy like?

Initially I will guide you in talking about your current difficulties, especially your reasons for seeking therapy now. As we continue to meet, we will look deeper into your current life and relationships, your past, and even what might be happening in the present moment. We will work together to make sense of your symptoms in the context of your emotional and relational experiences.