Couples and Marriage Therapy

Portland, OR Counselor

Conflict and arguments
Difficulty communicating about certain issues
Feeling stuck in repetitive patterns
Premarital concerns

Feeling understood by your partner
Greater closeness
Reduced conflict
Improved ability to repair conflict
Greater empathy for partners perspective
Better understanding about what is needed for the relationship to work

Committed and marital relationships are among the most important we have. Yet we often struggle to be happy in them. Conflict, emtional distance , and infidelity often derail happiness and connection. It can be difficult to resolve these problems without help. I provide couples with a safe place to explore sensitive issues, arguments , and patterns of relating that impede happiness. I help facilitate a space for each partner to express her/his thoughts, perspective, and feelings.

Couples often wait until their relationship is in serious crisis before seeking help. In these cases the work will take longer but can still be worth the effort. My recommendation is to come in sooner, before difficult patterns have become entrenched.

If you have questions about couples work and whether it could helpful to you, feel free to contact me for a brief phone consultation.