Therapy for Individuals

I offer comprehensive, collaborative, and compassionate treatment for individuals from many walks of life. Those who struggle with a range of symptoms and or frustrating patterns, including those who have experienced neglect or trauma. I also work with individuals seeking growth in all or parts of their lives.

Portland, OR Psychotherapist

Contemporary psychoanalysis informs my approach. From this perspective, I treat you as a whole person, not just a set of symptoms and problems to be fixed. I want you to have an experience in therapy that has depth and reaches the underlying reasons for your struggle. We work together to make sense of whatever you bring to the session. I listen carefully to what is said, and for what is not said, and perhaps not even known. For how the past might be living in the present. Our relationship, the therapeutic relationship, serves as both an instrument for understanding and as a new relational experience. Such an experience can bring greater inner and outer freedom, more satisfaction in relationships, and an overall richer life.